Performance Guarantee


The NZDA is an association of employer craftsmen, bound together by a Code of Practice to upload high standards of craftsmanship and business ethics. The Association liaises with local bodies on by-laws affecting signage, maintains apprenticeship training standards and encourages the sharing and expanding of knowledge within the industry. Companies or people using the services of any of the members listed in the directory may be assured they are dealing with professional "Signcraftsmen" who use the highest quality products available.

  • You speak directly to the people who design, produce and install your work. We are proudly sales rep free, so we're not driven by commissions, incentives or targets.
  • You get a hands-on proactive, qualified and experienced signage support team who's primary goal is to promote your business.
  • You are dealing with a company who has proudly stood behind its products and services for over 30 years. In the rare event something's not right, we put it right no questions.
  • We’ll supply you accurate pricing and information guidelines as well as helpful hints on what you need to know about signage.  
  • You will be provided with quality signage and designs that meet your requirements each and every time. You won't be blinded by industry double talk, we'll just give you the facts in an open and honest way you can understand.