Looking good?
It's all about how we look! Your building is a reflection of your company and its perceived ability to perform. So demonstrating that you value your brand displays this to your customers.
How we help
Our success has been built on providing clients like you with highly-effective building signage. At Riccarton Signs we work within all budget levels and pride ourselves on our ability to provide the very best signage solutions. We offer a complete or staggered signage refit programme to suit your individual business needs and manage this process for one location or across an entire multi-branch refit.
Check before you sign..
Leasing a building? Check the rules regarding signage because you don’t want to be stuck with a great design that you can’t utilise. There may be restrictions on what your landlord will allow and council bylaws will have to be checked off.

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Things to consider
When considering building signage it’s always an idea to check out your competition. You’ll want to be leading the pack when it comes to presentation. It’s not just the look that helps sell your business it’s the clear concise message that you send. Your signage should say who you are, what you do and when you do it. Fairly basic points you’d agree but amazingly often overlooked. We’ll make sure we keep you on track with our building signage template.
Council signage requirements
Before designing up your building signage you’ll want to check CCC regulations on signage allowances. We are fully up to speed on what you can and can’t do and can assist you on the early design stages through to completion/installation.
Lease building signage allowances
If you are looking at leasing a building check with the landlord on what rules they have in place with signage allowances. The same must be done for malls as they have a clear mandate on what is allowable.
Hidden costs that hurt
We take our profession seriously and always make sure that whatever signage we supply can either be painted out or removed easily. Your landlord will in most cases ask you to return the building to it’s former state. So it’s really important that we look at making that cost effective for you. It’s the whole building signage template that we have as standard at Riccarton Signs that enables us too quickly and efficiently assist you. Let us know what your lease term is and if you see yourself moving so we can design your specific signage so we can relocate it with ease if and when necessary.