Display Systems & Flags

From pull up display units, flags to marquee tents we’ve got you covered. The only thing you need to know is what you want your signage to do and who it needs to communicate with. We’ll work with you covering off the finer points like the type of areas that it will operate in and the viability and performance of your signage matches what you need 100%.

At Riccarton
Signs we take things a step further and will look at your marketing plan moving forward and see what signage we can supply that can have multiple applications. It’s important for you and us that your purchase isn’t a one off that doesn’t generate income and raise your profile or is left in the shed until next year.

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 Mesh banners
The new ultimate performer. Hard wearing durable and promoting your business 24/7.
PVC banners
The industry stable and still a really good way of getting your message across.
Large Format
Big as (you had to read that twice). There is a limit as to how wide we can print but how’s 30-50 metres in length. Let’s a have a chat
Self-Adhesive Labels
Easy as! From full colour and complex shapes we can do it 
Footpath Signs
The kiwi icon! There are a number of units in the marketplace and we have chosen only the seasoned performers so you get the longevity and performance required. From simple text vinyl cut to full colour digital imaging we can help. Our qualified graphic designer can also help create some impact if you need some help.  

We produce a number of these signs weekly and believe that they still have a place with some businesses. However the most common problem we see is that in some cases no evaluation or thought has been given to whether this is really your best form of advertising. Take a minute and click on the helpful hints icon
Getting the best from your $
If you have high volume people footpath traffic and a clear area outside your store then you’re good to go. If however it’s sporadic or limited then it’s best to look at all of your options. If you have parking directly outside your premises the chances of your sign being seen by motorists is greatly diminished so your return also is affected.

Keeping it fresh! By this we mean make your sign something that you can update and offer your daily or weekly deals on. We can do this by either a blackboard section, whiteboard or insert panels.
Things do watch out for
If you’re in a mall check with management as to what your entitlements are and check whether they are allowed and also where they are to be located.

Current council bylaws allow for businesses to have one sign and it must be located as to not impede the general public or be likely to cause injury.

If you’re in a line of shops and everyone has a footpath sign your chances of being noticed are reduced.
With the advent of new generation films we now can apply digitally printed graphics directly to painted sealed concrete surfaces. We’ve been using these films for over 5 years and have enjoyed seeing our clients start to see the opportunities that this media allows them to branch out into.

Combine this media with our general sign writing skills and you’ll start to look at those blank walls in a different light.