Illuminated & Neon Signs

As an award-winner in this category, we have the expertise to create lasting impressions, 24 hours a day.

Our illuminated and neon signs comply with all structural and electrical standards. All cases can be powder-coated to your colour choice. Or we can custom two pack paint cases and provide a low bake automotive finish for specific colours not attainable in standard swatches. Corners are welded to prevent light bleed and our use of high output electrical components guarantee the brightest illumination possible, all of which is combined with our assurance of continued reliability. All poles are shot blasted, zinc sprayed and powder-coated to your colour choice.

Custom shapes and frames can be designed and built to your requirements. Council permits and compliance details can be dealt with on your behalf or we can assist you through the process.

At Riccarton Signs you can have faith in BUILT LOCAL – INSTALLED LOCAL – SERVICED LOCAL (NZ) wide.

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For illuminated signs there are two types: the common Fluorescent tubes or now becoming more popular are LED options. The cost for LED is higher than Fluorescent but it's brighter, longer lasting and cheaper to run which makes it an attractive option taking the long view.

Neon Signs are made with formed glass containing a gas which provides a bright source of illumination. Most Motels have a neon “No Vacancy” sign. Always consider when looking at neon signage about protecting the glass as any break in that will require a costly total replacement. Always look at replacement cost when looking at these types of signs. We’ll always give you that information that others may not…
LED fabricated letters
At Riccarton Signs we're all about quality and performance thus making sure that your signage lasts the distance. We’ve made a clear stand that we will manufacture locally, purchase products locally, install New Zealand wide and service in the locations we install in. 

Our Samsung IP66 rated LED modules are glass lensed for excellent light transference. This makes sure you have no black spotting and the illumination is pure white or the translucent film colour you require.

We will not import any fabricated LED signage produced ex overseas as we do not believe this helps the New Zealand economy and there are no guarantees on products, installation and servicing supplied. In short no unseen middle man and added margins. We understand that the world's a small place because of the web but that won’t help if trouble strikes.

At Riccarton Signs you can have faith in BUILT LOCAL – INSTALLED LOCAL – SERVICED LOCAL (NZ) wide.