In years gone by the only method of sign writing was primarily by brush or sometimes chalk and at Riccarton Signs those arts are still alive and well.

State-of-the-art technology has transformed our industry and to the purest not for the better. At Riccarton Signs you don’t get called a signwriter unless you’ve done the apprenticeship and have the necessary skills and qualifications to back it up.

So in that regard we’re a little old fashioned but at Riccarton Signs we feel it is essential to retain the traditional skills required for detailed and professional signwriting. From single stroke lettering, multiple layer shadow effects, specialist air brushing, set work, posters to good 'old fashioned' gold leaf, our qualified signwriters will add that 'touch of class' and the very real point-of-difference you seek.

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Things to consider
When thinking about sign writing (brush work) you need to take into account the condition of the surface that you want to brand. Heavily stippled surfaces take longer to do and can’t have a really crisp edge to the signage because of the undulations.
Condition of the surface
Again a poor surface starts us both off on the wrong foot and the end result will reflect that. Not to worry we wouldn’t work on a sub-standard surface we’d always let you know. 
That 3D lettering look
Using trained professional sign writers means you can attain a 3D look to your required brush work. By using techniques of colour and shading, the once flat letter comes to life. Let us know if that is what you are after