New Zealand Sign and Display Association

The NZSDA is an association of employer craftsmen, bound together by a Code of Practice to uphold high standards of craftsmanship and business ethics. The Association liaises with local bodies on by-laws affecting signage, maintains apprenticeship training standards and encourages the sharing and expanding of knowledge within the industry. Companies or people using the services of any of the members listed in the directory may be assured they are dealing with professional "Signcraftsmen" who use the highest quality products available.

Riccarton Signs is a long standing member of the NZSDA.

Each year members of the NZSDA submit projects in 14 categories that they have completed within a specific timeframe to be judged by a group of their peers. Judging is based upon critical analysis and the impact/benefit that it has had for the client. Riccarton Signs is proud of our performance at these awards and looks forward to bringing that winning attitude to you.
Approved applicators – delivering quality and consistency

3m authorised

A key element in a graphics programme is the quality of application. If graphics are applied correctly they will accurately convey the brand identity, create a professional image and stand the test of time.

To meet the need for quality and consistency on a nationwide basis, 3M invite a select group of applicators from around New Zealand to attend a series of courses to help set the standard of quality work. Riccarton Signs is one of these select companies. Because we are a '3M Authorised MCS Graphics Applicator' you can rest assured that you are receiving the best quality and consistency wherever application is required.

We complete projects for fellow NZSDA members and other sign writers on a weekly basis who have customers in Christchurch. We’ve been doing this for years, time tested and trusted.

If you are experiencing particular problems with your existing signage application or want to talk about this process click on the lets talk icon.

Other brands – Arlon & Hexis
A partnership for life

In conjunction with our own in house safety regime Riccarton Signs employees have commercial passport V3 training. This guarantees that all safety measures will be undertaken in your workplace as they are in our own.

The safety of our staff, clients, their employees and the general public is paramount in everything that we do.

Whether it’s working at height, installation of signage etc you can be assured that we take all safety steps required